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What Are Some Ideas For A Successful Crowdfunding Campaign?

Sharing has always been a quality that people have found virtuous and beneficial to those who are in need. However, with an unsettled economy, the Internet has become a portal for a collaborative of people to work together in a post-recession era. Businesses such as Uber and Airbnb have helped people become more self-sufficient economically by opening up their vehicles and homes to others.

When people join forces online, they are able to create sustainability socially, economically and environmentally. They can profit from these new ideas without expending too much energy, time or money.bigstock-profitable-investment-ideas-co-41685070

Crowdfunding has become another online space that has expanded. Kickstarter and GoFundMe are just two of several websites that allow people to pool their monies together to fund and grow ideas, even those that have a sustainable purpose.

These types of websites make it very easy for individuals to look over projects and find one or more that piques their interest. Depending on the amount you decide to donate, you are given a token of appreciation. This token could vary from a simple email or letter saying “thank you” to a t-shirt. You may even receive future discounts for products or services.

However, your donation will not provide you with a stake in the startup company. All of the funding raised is used to help creators further their startup goals. In fact, Kickstarter will not release the fund to project creators until they have reached their funding goals. With other crowdfunding programs, creators can receive their funding even if they do not meet their financial goals.

If you are considering “going green” by creating an innovative and ecofriendly product, there are several ideas that have proven to be successful, and could spark an idea for your next crowdfunding campaign.

Being Healthy    

Do you want to live a healthier lifestyle while also reducing your carbon foot print? If so, you could create a roll out garden. The mat will consist of holes that are precept along with irrigation. The mat could be rolled out in a small outdoor space. The Nourishmat Kit was funded through crowdfunding, and it offers people the chance to have access to fresh vegetables.

Fund Your Band

Are you looking to create an outlet for your music, but lack the funds to do so? Many aspiring musicians and singers are funding their goals through crowdfunding. The combination of social media and crowdfunding has proven to be very effective at helping struggling bands get albums and other projects off the ground.

Support The Rain-forest

Do you want to start a nonprofit organization that focuses on conservation of all kinds but especially in the rainforest? Over 90% of the rain-forest in Brazil has disappeared. There are many grassroots projects such this being successfully funded on crowdfunding sites.

These are just a few of the ideas that have proven to be successful with obtaining crowdfunding money. This type of platform provides everyone the opportunity to turn their dreams and passions into well-funded businesses that have the ability to transform the world.

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