Shipping Woes With 4 Easy Options

Solve Your Company’s Shipping Woes With 4 Easy Options

Running a business involves numerous details. Not only does your product or service need to be top notch, but outstanding customer service is necessary if you want to gain reoccurring customers who will sing your company’s praises. One aspect many business owners neglect is shipping and logistics. Your customers want to receive a quality product worth the price they paid for it. They also want to receive it intact in a timely and affordable manner. Visit the online reviews of any retailer, and you’re sure to find a vast number of complaints have to do with shipping. Read on to discover ways to solve your company’s shipping woes and avoid customer dissatisfaction.

1. Never Estimate Shipping

One of the biggest mistakes business owners make, especially on a special or rush order, is to estimate the shipping costs. It can be time consuming to weigh each parcel and determine the exact cost of shipping to a particular area. However, it’s worth taking the time. Otherwise, you could find yourself paying too little and having a delay in arrival time, resulting in an unhappy consumer. It’s also possible to overspend, cutting into your profits.

2. Use the Right Packaging

Packaging matters, particularly if you have an odd shaped item or something that is quite fragile. If your package arrives on time, but damaged, you’re sure to receive a poor review. In addition, it is your company that will need to pay to fix the problem. Take time to ship items right the first time. Doing so may involve consulting with a packaging solutions company who provides custom designed packaging to get your product to its destination intact, on time and in the most cost-effective manner.

3. Invest in Automation

Shipping automation options are likely a wise investment if your business does a lot of package mailings. Electronic postal scales, online rate calculators and carrier services that offer same-day pickup are definitely worth researching. It can be less expensive to automate or hire an outside carrier than to pay your own employees to do the legwork involved in sending out packages.

4. Don’t Forget Handling Costs

A cost many business owners neglect is handling. Packaging materials can get pricey, and there is also some employee manpower involved no matter how much you automate. It’s a good idea to take time to figure out the overall average spending that goes into handling packages and factor that into the rate you quote consumers. If you’d rather not pass the costs onto the customer, be sure to acquire materials at the lowest price possible. You can often do this by purchasing them directly from the manufacturer.

Consider these four easy options when shipping products. Doing so will keep your expenses down, while ensuring the best possible customer service.

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