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Keeping the Company Mascot Comfy

If your company is a fast-spaced business that has a lot of hustle and bustle within the warehouse, you likely have looked into ways to keep your employees content during the long hours of the night. Maybe you have explored free perks like coffee and soft drinks, or maybe you have even thought about offering free hot food. Those perks are great, but they often do not quite do enough to make an employee feel relaxed during their breaks or even at home within their own workplace. In your pursuit of helping ensure your employees feel relaxed and at home in the warehouse, you may have decided to stock the break room with a furry perk- a company mascot.

Keeping a puppy in the workplace is an unusual approach to worker satisfaction and retention, but it is highly effective. People love petting dogs, and dogs have a calming effect on people. You will find that your workers are much more efficient during their time on the warehouse floor when they have come back from a break that involves petting their favorite little puppy.

But how do you make sure you keep your special employee satisfied? How do you ensure that your company’s puppy is feeling safe and secure? It is important to invest in a dog bed that makes your dog feel at home in the warehouse, just as much at home as you want your employees to feel.satisfied employee

It takes all kinds of approaches to keep employees and their company pet satisfied, but having the proper dog bed goes a long way towards ensuring the latter is comfortable and confident with its role in the workplace.

To ensure that your workforce comes into work feeling good about the shift, you will want to give them a great furry little friend to spend time with during their breaks. To ensure that your company’s mascot feels at home during its time in the warehouse, make sure it has a plush and relaxing bed to curl up in during its break time in between shifts of keeping your workers happy.

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