Home Energy Efficiency and Why It is Important

Legislation is making homeowners relook their architectural choices to compliment nature and the long-term impact of their energy consumption. Some of the motivating factors in doing so is to ensure healthy resale value through favourable scoring in the Home Energy Rating System. If anything, this is forcing architects, construction companies, appliance manufacturers and general goods manufacturers to innovate towards energy efficient offerings. In saying this, we are seeing some of the most beautiful, sustainable and progressive clean-green designs.

The Foundation of Clean – Green Design Principals

  • Simple Design principals pertaining to insulation, lighting and architectural position can see massive household energy expenditure reduce.
  • Depending on your geographic location, position of the largest surface area to your home should, in consultation with professional expertise, face north for light and sunshine. This allows for general warmth and natural light which can directly impact energy usage.
  • Natural light through clever window solutions, insulated windows and skylights allow for heat retention in cold months.
  • Natural fibres like bamboo to create awnings manually operated or blind solutions not only create a contemporary and Zen- rustic living design factor, they are earth friendly as manufacturing of such solutions would see lower production emissions. Such solutions will block out harmful sunrays in the summer months.
  • General innovation pertaining to geyser insulation or roofing solutions have evolved in the fabrics and aesthetic to compliment lower energy consumption aspirations. While such options based on their quality can cost more, its advised to proceed with purchases for long term savings.
  • The same can be said for appliances. Smart homes are seeing kitchens installed with smart stoves that heat quicker or that adapt to cooking needs that sees a meal prepared quicker using less than traditional energy volumes.
  • Lighting can be seen as one of the most fundamental and immediate ways to reduce consumption through fluorescent bulbs or “conscious” bulb decision making.
  • Automated home systems that see timers which switch off general lighting and non –essential plugs is another way of energy efficient attempts to be discussed with one’s architect.
  • Natural materials common to a geographic location should be incorporated into design where there are obvious advantages pertaining to general insulation without compromising the look and feel to ones living space. This can be seeing with the inclusion of stone, timber, thatch, concrete, mud/air bricks, and clay, often obtained locally, are most suited to keeping the home cool in summer and warm in winter. Mud bricks are an excellent source of insulation. These fibres can be played with using the natural elements like cooling systems with natural air breeze or rain water troughs that have been considered aesthetically superior.
  • Especially if one resides in an area that sees great sunshine for many months, solar panels (photovoltaic type) is the only option for running low energy consumption appliances such as your refrigeration, TV, lights and radio. Or if youre fortunate enough to awake to an ocean view, have an architect look at using wind/wave energy to propel your home energy systems.
  • Principals of Rain Water Harvesting is another solution that can lend itself in concept, though customised for one’s home needs, to see the general efficient energy benefits. See more on rain water harvesting


While we live in exciting times that sees sporadic design innovations which are welcomed as progressive and contemporary, with overwhelming positive environmental impact, there’s no reason to not engage your construction firm and architect on sustainable building solutions. In the long run the savings accrued can be used towards many other meaningful causes for your immediate interests or even for society at large. While your home is where you wake up in, it’s the world in which you live in.

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