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For Entrepreneurs – Finding Licensed CPAs

At one point or another, pretty much every startup needs to speak with a CPA. Current accounting solutions do a great job at recording data but hiring the right accountant can be a tough process, it can be expensive and take a lot of time and resources to engage appropriate professionals for your needs. But what if there was a platform enabling small businesses to find and access on-demand affordable, independent accounting services? That is mission. is a free platform for entrepreneurs to find and work with on demand CPAs. Drop the inflated accounting firm hourly rates, physical visits to ‘brick & mortar’ locations, and wasted time searching on your own. Just tell them your situation and you’ll get matched with the 5 best accountants available based on the type of work, industry, and location. These 5 licensed CPAs then reach out to you with personalized recommendations and fixed/monthly proposals. You can collaborate online, choose the best CPA for you and hire on-demand. All monthly services (like bookkeeping and payroll) come with a 30-day free trial.

As a small business grows, an owner’s time is better spent on tasks other than accounting. Entrepreneurs have so much competing for their attention. CountUp seeks to remove accounting from the list of distractions. They do all the legwork of searching, inquiring and delegating tasks for you, saving you time and money.

Licensed CPAs

CountUp curated a network of independent accountants who specialize in startups and are available on-demand to solve your immediate needs. These experts range from financial executives, top MBAs, former Big 4 CPAs, and analysts from leading companies. They can help with anything from taxes, payroll, bookkeeping, and incorporation to budgeting, valuations, fundraising and CFO services. CountUp is having the access to a firm with an endless supply of top on-demand accounting talent, minus the massive overhead cost associated.

You can assign accounting tasks as they come up – on demand – without every physically visiting your accountant. You can even work with more than one CPA at the same time. Example: if you need to automate bookkeeping CountUp will pair you with the most appropriate bookkeeper that fits your business model. If your business grows and you need to set up budgets; or raise funding, your bookkeeper might not be the best person for that job. So CountUp will pair you with a CPA who has CFO experience and you can work with both your bookkeeper and CFO on demand as you wish, without hassle, without ever physically visiting them.

According to co-founder and CEO Nodar Janashia, the platform eliminates the overhead associated with a typical accounting firm, resulting in a higher profit center for the CPAs while allowing the customer to pay about 50% less than what most firms charge.

For accountants, the CountUp platform provides a new way to expand their client base, which can be a challenge for those with their own independent practices. It enables independents to create their own virtual accounting firm in in fast and efficient manner. Accountants can offer fixed-fee services and utilize client management tools (e-signatures, file sharing, scheduling meetings, messenger). CountUp also processes all payments for services provided through the platform, so there’s no haggling over invoices or waiting for clients to pay their bills.

CountUp screens all accountants that have signed up, for proper certifications, malpractice insurance, and a minimum of two years’ experience. To date, they have over 150 CPAs signed up for the platform since it launched in beta for CPAs last August, but according to Nodar, CountUp plans to expand that to more than 1,000 CPAs over the next 12 months.

Nodar was a former accountant himself, starting as an intern at Ernst & Young and moving on to corporate tax at BDO in New York. To build CountUp he teamed up with HiddenFounders and co-founders Jordan Frey, CPA & Jason Zenobi, CPA . Jordan has been working in the Private Business Services Group specializing in startups for the past 8 years and has been published in The CPA Journal discussing the future of the accounting profession; he is also the Chair of the Manhattan Next Generation Committee for the New York State CPA Society. Jason worked at EisnerAmper for multiple years in the Licensing and Contract Compliance group, before leaving to join his current firm as a senior specializing in Employee Benefit Plans. He has been nominated by the NJCPA as a top 30 under 30 CPA; being recognized as a CPA less than 30 years old who is having a significant impact on the profession.

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